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Current National Threat Level is elevated

The threat level in the airline sector is High or Orange. Read more.

Neighborhood Network Watch Scheduled Events

These are the recent and currently scheduled events the Neighborhood Network Watch will be attending or presenting at. To find out more about any of these events please visit the contact us page.

  • May 11-12 - The Neighborhood Network Watch has been asked to return to New York Universitiy's to take part in the Interactive Telecommunications Program's (ITP) 2008 Spring Show.

  • May 9th - The Neighborhood Network Watch's Emissary to the DHS, Emery C. Martin, will present a long format in depth presentation on the Neighborhood Network Watch, at New York University.

  • Apr 26th - The Neighborhood Network Watch will be presenting the Home Network Awareness Program (HNAP) to the concerned citizens of Brooklyn. Along with touching on how Open Source software and technology may one day help fight terrorism in the developing world.

  • Dec 19-21 - Los Angeles Chapter N.I.C.D. Training Sessions. Focusing primarily on portable collection methods and tactics. To sign up please contact the Los Angeles Chapter of the Neighborhood Network Watch.

  • Dec 16th 2-6pm & 17th 5-9pm - Presence at I.T.P. Winter Show at New York University. The Neighborhood Network Watch will be demonstrating some of the technologies employed as well as the Fall 2007 Findings.

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