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Current National Threat Level is elevated

The threat level in the airline sector is High or Orange. Read more.

Situational Awareness and Tactical Command

The Neighborhood Network Watch Network Situational Awareness and Tactical Command (SATC) handles the topmost tier interpretations of the data analyzed by the Data Analysis Department (DAD) and the Data Interpretation and Visualization Department (DIVD) along with the advisories issued by the Network Advisory Commission (NAC).  All of the work from these different departments and commissions come together to form a synthesis that is carried out and used by the Situational Awareness and Tactical Command (SATC).  They use the data to identify correlations within the contents of traffic collected, taking into account the advisories issued, for different networks, all in order to establish situational awareness of the networks in order to establish regions and zones.  With these correlations and trends regions are identified within the community/communities where these networks are situated.  Once these regions are identified they can be defined geographically and have resources allocated to gain further intelligence. Regions and zones with large amounts of terrorist network traffic will be allocated further resources in an attempt to gain greater situational awareness along with joint operations with other government agencies aimed to contain the spread of such activity to other regions and to aggressively mount a campaign against these regions.  A campaign aimed at rooting out the sources of terrorist or threatening network traffic.