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April 2008

March 2008

  • Mar. 29th - The Home Network Awareness Program's (HNAP) official manual is made public
  • Mar. 20th - The Home Network Awareness Program's (HNAP) introductory public service announcement is released.
  • Mar. 18th - The Neighborhood Network Watch announces the Home Network Awareness Program (HNAP)

Februrary 2008

  • Feb. 5th - The Neighborhood Network Watch releases report on the Strategic Importance of Web 2.0

January 2008

  • Jan. 17th - The NNWKAA version 3.0 begins development
  • Jan. 5th - The outcome of the I.T.P. Winter Show at N.Y.U.

December 2007

  • Dec. 6th - NYC Chapter Fall 2007 Findings released
  • Dec. 3rd - Neighborhood Network Watch is invited to participate in the I.T.P. Winter Show at N.Y.U.

November 2007

  • Nov. 17th - Emery C. Martin, Emissary to the DHS, makes presentation at [ ESC ] Hunter College
  • Nov. 20th - DHS announces it is working on "Eye of the Lobster" handheld device that would allow agents to see through walls.


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