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Neighborhood Network Watch Public Service Announcements

The Neighborhood Network Watch public service announcement series is designed to inform the public about the existence of the Neighborhood Network Watch, their mission and goals, and their activities. Informing the public about the status of the networks in or around their communities is another key objective of the Neighborhood Network Watch public service announcement series. Of course the series would not be complete without providing education on the software and tools used by the Neighborhood Network Watch, both on how they operate but also on how they can use these same tools to monitor their own networks and those of their community. In addition the special presentations series gives the Neighborhood Network Watch a chance to showcase special events that the group has been invited to participate in.

The Neighborhood Network Watch: Introduction PSA

The Neighborhood Network Watch: Hunter College [ESC]

The Neighborhood Network Watch: ITP Winter Show 07'

The Neighborhood Network Watch: HNAP Introduction