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Network Identification and Collection Division

The Neighborhood Network Watch Network Identification and Collection Division (NICD) actively goes out into the community to identify networks that are used by the public and/or available to the public and collects large samples of network traffic from them.

Examples of NICD Teams and Roles

Network Identification and Collection teams are typically small in size, ranging from one to three persons. There are two primary roles which are the “Spotter” and “Sniffer” sometimes called a “Collector.” The “Spotter” is in charge of:
  • Identifying or “spotting” both wired and wireless networks either on the ground or doing research on known networks
  • Pathfinding or determining the route to be taken to any given network or set of networks
  • Notation of actual location of network, time of day, and duration spent collecting, and amount of person traffic making note of any suspicious individuals and race
The “Sniffer” is in charge of:
  • Gaining access to spotted networks, which may include cracking of encryption on password protected publicly used networks
  • Collecting network traffic
  • Operating packet sniffing software to collect network traffic
  • Manage collection files and ensure hand off to the D.A.D.
These roles maybe carried out by a single individual at times. The third member may serve as a driver or secondary “collector,” “spotter,” or a dedicated pathfinder.

To learn about the technology used by NICD teams please visit the technology section.