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The NNWKAA Version 3.0 Begins Development

01/17/08 | Back

The Neighborhood Network Watch announced today that the Neighborhood Network Watch Keyword Analysis Application (NNWKAA) would undergo a considerable revision in the coming months. This third revision of the NNWKAA is aimed to not only speed up the overall application, along with reducing computer resources needed to run the application, but also incorporate a self training or learning capability into the program.

This new learning capability will be a means for the Neighborhood Network Watch to take a look at the words most commonly found around the words that are flagged. These words would then be incorporated potentially into a separate supplemental flagging list. These words would become potential candidates for inclusion in the primary word list, the Neighborhood Network Watch Keyword List (NNWKL).

Version 3.0 will also include a new feature that serves a dual purpose both for the group but also for the public. This feature is what s being called at this time the "hit parade." Cesar Duran, who was recently appointed to the post of second lead programmer, had this to say about the hit parade. "The hit parade is not dissimilar to the list of most common words you might find in a SAT or GRE prep book. It's a list of the top twenty to thirty words that have shown up in the network traffic that has been analyzed." It can easily be seen how the Neighborhood Network Watch's Data Analysis Division (DAD) could benefit from this addition in the software.

It will also address a growing need that has been voiced by the public. This being disclosure of the words that are a part of the NNWKL. The Emissary to the Department of Homeland Security, Emery C. Martin, discussed some of the reasons for the inclusion of the list and how it concerns the public. "Disclosure of the full list at this time is not possible as it is considered to be a classified strategic asset with many of the words not being able to be released to the public. We see the inclusion of this list as part of the NNWKAA to be a compromise between the Neighborhood Network Watch and the general public."

You should expect the NNWKAA v3.0 to begin to replace the NNWKAA v2.0 in late April or early May.