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Outcome Of The ITP Winter Show 07'

01/05/08 | Back

The Neighborhood Network Watch (NNW) participated in New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program’s (ITP) Winter Show on December 16th and 17th, 2007. The NNW was very pleased to participate and had a booth setup during the length of the show. The NNW’s Emissary to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Emery C. Martin, was able to remove himself from his busy schedule in order to attend the entire show. “I think it is an important for people like myself that work a the highest levels of the Neighborhood Network Watch, to be present at events such as this. Not only does it connect us with the people in communities that the group is working with but it also builds trust between them, the group, and the various government agencies that may seem at times distant and disconnected.” –Emery C. Martin, NNW Emissary to the DHS.

The booth had a number of things on display that included the Neighborhood Network Watch Keyword Analysis Application (NNWKAA), the NNW’s packet sniffing software of choice TCPDUMP, maps of the NYC chapter’s Fall 2007 findings, as well as the NNW website. There were pamphlets available with general information about the group as well as free buttons.

ITP has been long known to be one of the leading edge schools in regards to the design and usage of new technology. Their biannual shows are widely trafficked and proved to be a great place for the NNW to introduce themselves to those of the technology community and the public who had not yet heard of them yet. Both groups had many questions and we spent most of the time there answering them.

The NNW gained new members and many interested individuals signed up for the email newsletter. We even gained a new tip about the conditions in Brooklyn, New York. Based on this tip there has been recent thought on establishing individual chapters for the outer boroughs of New York City.

We are glad that ITP invited us to participate in their Winter Show and have expressed interest in inviting us back next year for their Spring Show. Overall the NNW would consider participation in the show an overwhelming success.