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Current National Threat Level is elevated

The threat level in the airline sector is High or Orange. Read more.

Network Advisory Commission

The Neighborhood Network Watch Network Advisory Commission issues public advisories based on the joint findings of the Data Analysis Division (DAD) and the Data Interpretation and Visualization Department.  The department issues these advisories to the public on a per network basis, using the Neighborhood Network Watch Network Threat Advisory System.  Proprietors of the networks are typically alerted with this information by direct contact.

The Neighborhood Network Watch Network Threat Advisory System is based off of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) color-coded Homeland Security Advisory System.  It makes use of the same color schema and its existing nomenclature to describe the various advisory levels.  Since advisories are issued on a per network basis rather than a blanketed regional level it has the benefit of being much more precise than the Homeland Security Advisory System, that has typically seen the city level as the smallest level of measure and granularity.  The Neighborhood Network Watch can pinpoint areas with the Network Threat Advisory System down to a single storefront, home, park, or block radius.