About the NNW Community Press Room
Current National Threat Level is elevated

The threat level in the airline sector is High or Orange. Read more.

Mission and Strategic Vision

Mission Statement

The Neighborhood Network Watch is a community based organization that seeks to safeguard our nation’s public networks by establishing awareness of network traffic that may compromise or otherwise be detrimental to national security, through means of data collection and analysis.

Strategic Vision

  • Identify - Identification of public networks through wireless and wired reconnaissance in order to ascertain the geo-spatial placement of these networks for later analysis.
  • Collect - Collect large amounts of sample data from identified public networks in order to generate the clearest possible image of the types of network traffic flowing over these networks.
  • Understand - Use data analysis in order to find threats to national security within the abstract data collected from public networks within the community.
  • Interpret - Discover trends in the analyzed data, in order to identify hotspots, regions, and zones in danger of being over run with terrorist network traffic or that are already hotbeds for such activity and to establish a broader more accurate situational awareness of the communities public network infrastructure.
  • Protect - Protect our nation’s, state’s, and community’s networks, interests, and populous from spurious terrorist network traffic.
  • Share - Collaborate with other government agencies to provide them with information on threats to national security and to be the eyes and ears for them within the networks used by our respective communities.