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The hardware that is employed by the Neighborhood Network Watch is primarily comprised of regularly available consumer goods. The importance of using freely available consumer goods has a multiplicity of benefits. The main benefits are being to carry out operations with smaller budgets due to the lower equipment costs and maintenance costs, as well as readily available access to hardware. The Neighborhood Network Watch hardware kit was conceived with these ideals in mind in order to stave off the inherent problems with proprietary hardware that require large amounts of specialized knowledge, training, maintenance and generally much higher operating costs. Therefore the hardware kit is comprised of the following key components with additional optional pieces of hardware:

  • Basic Kit

    • Laptop (Linux/MacOS/Windows)
    • 1-5 Gigabytes of Free Space on Hard Disk
    • Wireless Networking Card (802.11b/g)
    • Maps of Operations Area

  • Optional Items

    • High Gain Wireless Antenna
    • Wireless Network Detectors
    • Additional Laptop Batteries
The Neighborhood Network Watch’s basic kit is comprised of computer hardware that many people and communities already posses in their own homes or are provided by their respective work places. These optional items can be obtained relatively easily for relatively low costs. With such low entry barriers to conducting operations on behalf of the Neighborhood Network Watch it erases all worries about operations budgets. The power that the basic kit of the Neighborhood Network Watch contain are immense and are not to be underestimated, in their ability to contribute to the War on Terror.