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Q: Is the Neighborhood Network Watch a government agency?

A: No, despite popular belief the Neighborhood Network Watch is not a government agency. It is affiliated with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security yet is still not a part of them.

Q: If the Neighborhood Network Watch is not a government agency then what is it?

A: The Neighborhood Network Watch is a community based and staffed organization much liken to a Neighborhood Watch, but for network security.

Q: What does the Neighborhood Network Watch do?

A: The Neighborhood Network Watch, goes out into the community to identify publicly used networks and to collect samples of network traffic or data that is being transmitted and received over the network. This data is then analyzed to see if it contains any terrorist related or threatening network traffic that maybe endangering both the community and our nation.

Q: What sort of things are in the traffic you collect?

A: Virtually everything being transmitted or received over a network. Most commonly this includes, emails, instant messages, and web pages that have been browsed.

Q: Can you really read my emails and instant messages?

A: Absolutely, in fact almost anyone on the same network as you can do the same thing. In fact we can even reconstruct images transmitted.

Q: Isn’t this invading my privacy?

A: In many ways yes, but in a post 9-11 world the government and most communities across the United States, believe that these sorts of measures are necessary to prevent our nation from being attacked by ruthless terrorists. In fact privacy is a relative term with a definition that is constantly being redefined. Especially so in the highly technologically mediated world we live in today.

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