About the NNW Community Press Room
Current National Threat Level is elevated

The threat level in the airline sector is High or Orange. Read more.


Capabilities and Scope

  • Autonomous Operation within Public Networks

  • Network Identification
    • Location
    • Signal Strength
    • SSID
    • Encryption Scheme if Applicable

  • Network Traffic Data Collection
    • Collection of all Traffic and Data
      • Includes Emails, Instant Messages, and Websites Visted
    • Wireless and Wired Networks
    • Ability to Delimit out Impertinent Information
    • Identification of IP and MAC Addresses of User’s Computers on any Given Network

  • Open Source and Portable Software

  • Robust Keyword Analysis Application (NNWKAA) for Analysis of Collected Data
    • Extensive and Easily Upgradeable Wordlist
    • Java Based

  • Usage of “Off the Shelf” Readily Available Technologies

  • Ongoing Research and Development on New Technologies Especially Portable Platforms